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JCB confirms lithium ion scissor lifts

13. March 2018 | Comments (12)

A year after entering the access sector, JCB has introduced five lithium ion powered versions of its slab electric scissor lifts. The 15ft S1530E, 19ft S1930E, 20ft S2032E, and 26ft S2646E and the S2646E.

JCB says the lithium ion powered scissors offer up to 40 percent longer run-time with recharging times cut by half. Also lithium ion batteries require no maintenance and up to 2,000 recharge cycles.

A lithium ion version of the JCB S2032E
A lithium ion version of the 20ft JCB S2032E

Dutch rental company Hoogwerkt has already placed an order for 420 of the new lithium ion scissor lifts as it sets up a new ‘green’ rental business. The first 20 JCB scissors have been delivered and the remainder will be delivered at a rate of about 25 per month. Click here to see All Lithium rental company

JCB Access managing director Jonathan Garnham - who took over from Richard Butler following his move to JCB Power Systems at the start of this year - said: “We are delighted to be offering innovative new solutions to the powered access industry so early into JCB’s entry into the sector. Lithium ion powered scissor lifts will offer real benefits to our customers around the world, particularly in significantly reducing total cost of ownership.”

Jonathan Garnham, the new managing director of JCB Access
Jonathan Garnham, the new managing director of JCB Access

“The lithium ion design has been developed in response to customer demand, including from Hoogwerkt. The company is establishing a green rental business across Holland, with a web-based ordering system and hourly rental periods. Having a simple, safe recharging system was a critical component of the company’s development plan.”

“Recharging times are reduced by up to half improving utilisation on site. Plus, unlike lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries can be left in a low state of charge without damaging the cells and can be set to cut-out when minimum charge level is reached, to protect the battery. No maintenance is required with lithium ion and there are no hydrogen emissions during charging.”

The lithium ion powered machines come with a Smartphone app which provides wireless connectivity for real-time condition checks of the batteries. The battery has up to 2,000 recharge cycles up to four times more than a lead acid battery.

A lithium ion JCB S1530E
A lithium ion JCB S1530E

JCB Access has also developed a Battery Management System (BMS) that allows customers to monitor each cell in the battery pack, adjusting the load to ensure all cells are performing at their optimum. The BMS works in conjunction with the motor controller to ensure that batteries deliver maximum power and performance. As the batteries reach a low charge level, the motor controller activates a cut-out to alert the operator to the need to recharge the machine, with enough time to reach a recharging point.

JCB Access sales director Phil Graysmark said: “The main customer benefit is ease of charging with no worries about short charging periods. The battery life equals the life of the machine, so there is a greatly reduced requirement for replacement batteries. This is a more environmentally friendly solution, which is ahead of all other machines on the market.”

JCB launch
JCB chairman Lord Bamford at the launch of the lithium ion scissors and the first electric 19C E-TEC mini excavator

JCB also used the event to launch its latest Stage V compliant engines which will use a combination of next generation particulate control technology, incorporating diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), integrated DPF and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The new standards will come into force on January 1, 2019, for engines below 56kW and above 130kW. They will take effect a year later - January 1, 2020 - for engines in the 56-129kW range.


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Dog eat Dog
15. March 2018 23:13

Hi kissme, done my homework and you can get 110v chargers for lithium-ion batteries, it is obvious if you think about it and know the difference between an amp and a volt.
Many countries only have 110v systems and the USA is solely 120v so do you really think they have not been catered for?
Also a scissor lift is not a counterweight reliant machine.
Unfortunately you really do need to stop being so blinkered, your bias is clouding your opinion and judgement and just because you keep saying it doesn?t make it true.

15. March 2018 20:20

"where ignorance predominates, vulgarity invariably asserts itself"

No advantages, green or other having lithium batteries on counterweight reliant equipment, use 2v traction cells capable of 80% depth of discharge, use less steel to build it keeping raw material costs down, lithium cannot be charged using any current 110v systems, so good luck getting them onto UK sites, do your homework, learn more about physics and facts, emperors new clothes for this application. Fine in automotive and even spiderlifts but never in a conventional scissor lift, no need too expensive and certainly not any greener given the entire lifespan and carbon footprint from birth to scrap. FACT.

Eric L
15. March 2018 18:36

In response to Dog eat Dog

"Don't believe the hype"- Public Enemy

Dog eat Dog
15. March 2018 10:07

?Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. ?
― Stephen Hawking RIP

15. March 2018 09:38

Directions to Hoogwerkt Castle:
Go to King's Cross Station London England, take the Green Lithium-Ion train named the Hoogwerkt Nifty Express from Platform 9¾ at 11 AM sharp. To get to platform to 9¾, you run straight at the wall between 9 and 10. Please try it kissme! don?t be a lead acid muggle all your life, you are ruining the environment for our children and our children?s children x

14. March 2018 17:39

Hi all,

Because we (Hoogwerkt) are very happy with our choices, we are more than willing to share our insights. So, feel free to come to The Netherlands and visit our castle ; )

Good to know that all main access equipment suppliers quoted and are quoting us Lithium-ion powered equipment.

Best regards,


13. March 2018 17:18

Time will tell kissme, time will tell.
May be accessboy's Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin do already know the outcome ?

13. March 2018 16:10

Let's find out, I'm sure JCB are watching in the wings? certainly not stupid but under current law the "waste" lithium will have to go back to JCB, the cost is still prohibitive and unless they are "leasing" the batteries under a "lifetime" term the numbers will never outweigh the advantages, opportunity charging is useful but also necessary during a shift, conventional SoA lead acid technology is already sufficient for the application and easy to recycle, no need for a "green" alternative and using this for marketing as a USP is withholding all the facts.

13. March 2018 15:00

Kissme, may be can help you ?

13. March 2018 14:35

So, what you both say is that JCB is stupid? Please give me the clou then how they can afford to install batteries which have a cost price equal to the machine itself ? Do you really think they are buying market share by financing their losses out of other JCB products? Don't think so !!

13. March 2018 12:54

And the price?? this is the emperors new clothes, lithium batteries are more than the cost of the scissor lift, there is no disposal facility for "waste" lithium the UK, please stop with the BS, this is not a "green" solution, lead is virtually infinitely recyclable and low cost, the numbers don't add up and any "benefits" have little or no advantage for the application.

13. March 2018 11:51

Hoogwerkt The Dutch school of Witchcraft and Wizardry are at it again.
Perhaps we needed some magic breathing into the access industry.




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