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All lithium rental company

27. February 2018 | Comments (8)

A new rental company has been established in the Netherlands named Hoogwerkt, offering a range of booms, scissor lifts, trailer lifts and spider lifts all with lithium ion battery packs, and all can be towed on a two axle equipment trailer.

The product range includes a new 33ft Niftylift HR12 articulated boom with lithium ion batteries, new covers, new controls and a compact version of the Nifty Tough-Cage. The new machine has an overall width of 1.79 metres and weighs just 2,500kg. it also looks a little more modern than the classic HR12 model with steel covers. It can also be ordered with AGM batteries which takes the weight closer to 2, 600kg.

Nifty HR 12 Lithium
A new lithium battery powered Nifty lift HR12

Nifty HR12E
One of the first new Nifty HR12E is delivered

nifty HR12E on a trailer
The lithium battery powered Nifty HR12E is light enough for a standard two axle equipment trailer

The scissor lifts are JCB slab electrics and are also equipped with lithium battery backs. The spider lifts are Hinowa lithium models and the trailers are Nifty lift. The company claims that delivery will be fast and that it will also rent by the hour, providing an even greater saving for those who only need a machine for a short spell.

JCB lithium
A JCB slab electric scissor lift with lithium ion battery pack

Hoogwerkt JCB scissor lift
The first batch of JCB scissor lifts for Hoogwerkt

It also says that it has committed to purchase 800 new lifts in its first investment round - of which 420 are JCB scissor lifts - and that it is aiming for 80 locations to make customer pick up and return as easy as possible.

We can now confirm that the two individuals that we named as being behind the new venture - Arnold Grootveld and Jan Vriesinga – are indeed the founders. They have 15 years experience in the finance and leasing industry and are being supported by ABN Amro Lease.

The company is offering low prices, easy collection and all new 100 percent lithium battery electric machines, in a bid to ‘disrupt’ this part of the market. It will be very interesting to monitor the progress.

One thing that is likely is that it will step up powered access market penetration - already very high in the Netherlands - and could cause more problems for scaffold tower rental companies than full line aerial lift companies?

Hoogwerkt home page
The Hoogwekt home page


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5. March 2018 23:17

It is a new product!! No one in UK has been offered this new model. Believe me. The spec. was invented in Holland!!! (Again!!!)

Yes ACCESBOY, you are right, probably loads of demand for this new little toy, which makes you wonder why it was not widely communicated as a new upcoming standard model.
Before I forget ACCESBOY, your ?Dutch? translation for Hoogwerkt as ?Hogwarts? is absolutely WRONG. And yes, you are right again by stating that the Dutch waved their magic wand around (Again!!!) At least around 1 person at Niftylift. Maybe that 1 person was hypnoticed at the very same moment ??

Hoogwerkt [NL]
2. March 2018 22:06

For photographs of the new HR12E, plse check [and like ;] the Hoogwerkt FB-page:

2. March 2018 20:08

Very good feedback from all thank you.
I have asked around and it is a new product that weighs less than 2500kg fitted with lithium ion batteries and is 1.8m wide. Apparently it can have normal batteries fitted but the overall weight may increase to 2600kg.
It does sound like Harry Potter and Prof Dumbledore from Hogwarts (Hoogwerkt in Dutch) have been waving their magic wands around at Niftylift....Ascendio!

vertikal editor
2. March 2018 19:29

Spot on James Hoogwerkt contacted us to say the other machines on their website in their colours were not in fact purchased by them as initially indicated but available on a re-rent basis

2. March 2018 18:11

Hoogwerkt are indeed trying to be market disrupters.
Accordig to Niftylift sources at Executive Hire Show last month had no ?news? of anything like this in the Battery & Charger department. Come to think of it if you look there are no hoses etc on the (CGI?) image.
Hoogwerkt are believed trying to provide a saving for those who only need a machine for very short spells like scaffold tower rental companies as opposed full line aerial lift companies?
Remember that one of the much vaunted benefits of Li-On is that you can opportunity charge. What is not mentioned very often is that you CANNOT AVOID OPPORTUNITY CHARGING with these and they will not cover a full 8 hour shift between recharge which is why they very often appear in Bi-Energy machines. That is also one of the reasons that this operator is pushing for Rental-By-The-Hour
Also Jan Vriesinga tells me that we still have the old problem that you can only use 230Vac as input to the charger.
I have two sources of Lithium Ion Batteries and since I have been asking them,ever since last September neither have been able to come up with chargers?specifically on 110Vac input to suit!
I saw with great interest that Genie/Manitou Mast Booms were specified earlier ,however when you follow onto the Hoogwerkt web site they are showing Peinemann Lifting Solutions 120 KTE.Now that comment is no longer visible - any chance that whilst writing this comment the article has been edited.

vertikal editor
2. March 2018 17:18

It is true that the speed and volume of news does result in a few typos slipping through so please don't just tolerate it, let us know so we can correct - we do care.
This unit is slightly wider than usual to compensate for the lighter battery pack - the rental company web site claimed it was only 1.5 metres wide but we understand that the 2,500kg unit is 1.8 metres. We are waiting on a full specification and when we have it will do the full machine launch story - until then we can only publish what we have.

It does look like another breakthrough from the UK based manufacturer however.

2. March 2018 15:48

The cost of Lithium is prohibitively expensive to point of doubling the cost of the machines, also the weight loss is implausible with maintaining stability. Need to know more?

1. March 2018 17:17

I do find that Vertikal is normally strewn with typographical errors so I find myself wondering if what they have reported about the new Niftylift is correct, is it really only 2,500kg?
Is it the Lithium Ion batteries that give it the significant weight advantage?
It does look like a new machine and I can?t see any hoses, so I am thinking it may be a CGI or photoshopped picture.
If it is correct then Niftylift have truly worked wonders and I can see loads of demand for this product.
Niftylift British Li-Ion at its best.



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