Andorran tower crane

A reader spotted a tower crane erected right alongside a busy road in Andorra, and questions its safety.

Sadly we cannot see the full foundation, but it is indeed close to the road and could easily be clipped or a crashed into by a passing vehicle. In the words of our correspondent:

“I am currently on holiday, but was totally gob smacked to see this on my way through Andorra. It's not just the proximity to the road but also the lack of protection and awareness for motorists, my god if a sizable vehicle just clipped that!”
The tower crane is located directly on the roadside

“I am also confused as to the integrity of the expendable base, clearly the road has not been disturbed so I struggle to imagine an effective base.”
It certainly looks like an accident waiting to happen, but a Death Wish? You decide, in the meantime have a safe weekend.
A closer look at the base


Pemby, I'm impressed with your determination to spot this crane using Google street view - even with the co-ordinates you gave with your reply it took me 5 mins of travelling through Andorra to find this machine. Well done sir !

Maybe there's a whole new set of weekend challenges coming up now - by locating any given tower crane in Europe via Google maps - although given that it would have to be on site for 4+ years for the game to work - I see that being a hard game to play !

24 Sep 2018

Found on Google Maps.

Street view image is from 2014.

Location is CG-2 Av. de la Bartra, near to Camp d'Esports Prada de Moles in Vila, Andorra.

GPS Coordinates:

42*31'38.27" N
1*34'06.84" E

The clean state of the road to me suggests that the road had been retarmacked at some point AFTER the tower crane was placed there. It has been there for over four years without incident? (the photos submitted show nature has been reasserting itself, and the same board slightly warped is visible in the streetview from 2014.

22 Sep 2018
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