Serious fall at new conference centre

A man was seriously injured last week after he fell from a ‘platform’ on the site of the new Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, in Scotland.

The man, a painter in his 40s, was reported to have fallen from a platform, although it is not clear if this is an aerial work platform, a scaffold tower or a podium platform. He suffered serious head injuries and has been placed into an induced coma.

A spokesperson for the main contractor Robertson said: "One of our sub contractors was taken to hospital on Tuesday. We are conducting an investigation and will report in full to the HSE."

The Health & Safety Executive confirmed that it is aware of the incident and making enquiries.

We will update when we learn more, but in the meantime hope that he makes a full recovery.
We have sadly learnt that the man has now died, and that it was a step ladder that he fell from. The HSE has said that the investigation is ongoing and that it might have been a medical emergency that caused his death, rather than the fall.


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