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Crane overturn in Maryland

12. December 2017 | Comments (1)

A 90 tonne Rough Terrain crane overturned in Williamsport, Maryland on Friday while working at the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park.

The crane, a Link-Belt RT100 was working on the refurbishment of the Conococheague Creek Aqueduct in the park, when it overturned rearwards while apparently working free on wheels. We understand that the operator was not seriously hurt, and that no one else was involved in the incident. We will update this item if and when we discover more information .

The overturned crane
Collett & Sons Ltd


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Mike Ponsonby
12. December 2017 21:00

Good Evening Mr Editor,

"Those who fail to learn the Lessons of History are Doomed to Repeat the same Mistakes of the Past". So said George Santayana in 1905 and while Mr Santayana may have had Western Political Leaders in mind, it is also true of the Crane Industry who keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Having now Researched and Recorded 464 Fatal Crane & Lifting Incidents since 7th May 2007 here we see the Third of Three Crane Overturn incidents reported this Wk.

As it is very obvious that No-One in the Crane Industry speaks-up for the Dead, I will. Moreover in the absence of any other Safety Initiative by the Crane Industry, this then is my submission to the Crane Industry Worldwide?.

1. The Crane Industry should Adopt Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) so that when something goes wrong it does not Lead to Death(s) or Injury(s).

2. Start a Safety Training Programme called, How to Avoid Crane and Lifting Incidents and incorporating the Laws of Physics on how to calculate Force, Mass and Gravity.

3. Invite the CEO and all other Directors to attend, because if he, she or they are not committed to Crane Safety, No-one else will be.

Because untill we adopt 'Safe Systems of Work' (SSoW) then the £20,000,000 (Euro 21.6 Million) Fine imposed on Thames Water plc by Aylesbury Crown Court on Wednesday 220317, will be just the start of ever increasing Fines, as an indication of just how seriously UK Courts now view matters of Public Safety.

Therefore its only a Matter of Time before some other unfortunate CEO is Jailed by a UK Court for yet another Fatality arising from a Crane or Lifting Incident, like the Managing Director Jailed in Airdrie on 6th January 2017.

A useful start point being that the word Accident now be consigned to the Dustbin of History, as the continued usage of this weasel word perpetuates the myth that Safety is not Manageable, when self-evidently it clearly was indeed Manageable in Holland, Thailand and Maryland USA above this week.

Why, because Worker Safety is important, very important and much too Important to leave it to chance ?

Kindest Regards
Mike Ponsonby




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