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Crane overturns onto home

11. August 2017 | Comments (4)

A mobile crane overturned into the yard of a house in Campbell, California – on the south side of San Jose - on Tuesday.

Campbell Ca
The overturned crane

Campbell ca
The crane appears to have been shortrigged

The crane, a five axle 90 ton Link-Belt truck crane – four axles with added fifth – owned and operated by King Crane Service and was working with its six section boom fully extended and base swingaway installed to remove a large wood pylon/power pole to the far rear of the property. It looks as though the outriggers were retracted on the load side or they retracted as the crane tipped. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident and the damage appears to have been limited to a glazed roof area of a large home in the street behind the property.

Campell ca
The crane had its boom fully extended plus a swingaway extension installed

Campbell ca
The main damage was to the roof of a house some distance away

Two larger cranes were brought in to recover the crane and it was cleared overnight, the power pole replaced and the electricity - which had been cut off for the job - restored.


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24. August 2017 22:16

If the outriggers at the load side were extended, could the crane actually be placed so close to that white bar-fence?

14. August 2017 02:40

It's actual a link belt 140 ton. Only time you have to pin the out riggers is if you set up on mid span

the crane instructor
12. August 2017 22:54

Was the LMI by-passed?

Was it because of a wrong LMI program?

Do we need to place mats under the outriggers?

Was the load too heavy?

No idea if it is possible to secure the outriggers with pins on a Link-Belt. Does anyone of you knows?

Float your load
12. August 2017 22:39

Ahhh... what happened here ?

Was it that the crane was short rigged ?

Was it that the load was made of wood and lived in the ground - a bit like a tree ?

Was the overload disabled to give that extra bit of lift ?

Was it just a badly planned lift from the start ?

Or was it an unlucky accident ?

Is there such a thing as an unlucky accident ?

Maybe we'll never know !

We can probably have a good guess though...


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