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Fatal crane overturn

13. July 2017 | Comments (4)

Seven people died when the boom of an overturning truck crane landed on a passing mini bus in Puning, Guangdong province, China on Tuesday.

China Mini bus
The crane simply overturned over the rear of the carrier

China mini bus crane
The occupants towards the front of the van did not stand a chance

The entire incident was captured on the dashcam, of a following car. Three other people were badly injured, including at least one young child. The crane – which looks as though it needs some decent maintenance, appears to have simply lost stability, either as a result of the ground giving way , poor set up or an overload. This is all the information we have at this point.


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vertikal editor
14. July 2017 13:27

Jerry S
you make a fair point it is true, with videos like this we can only embed them complete with link and therefore have no opportunuty to edit them. This footage was also shown on local television. So the decision we faced was, do we link to the whole videp or not show it at all?

We have frequently not shown accident videos in the past when they show content which gratuitously focuses- often- closely on the bodies of victims before the arrival of the emergency services. In this case while the content is upsetting it does not dwell on the unfortunate victims, and yet does send a very powerful message of how tragic and serious such incidents are, in a way that can never be conveyed in a still photograpaph of an overturned crane.

If linking to such material saves one life, or makes one contractor of crane operator think a little more carefully when setting up or making a borderline lift then it would have been totally worthwhile.

Thank you though for your comment it is much appreciated.

14. July 2017 12:25

I think it is appropriate to show the video, hopefully it will help to sink in the cosequenses of failing to plan and take control measures to avoid such horrific events. I personally think that setting a crane up next to a busy road should have the same measures of setting up next to a railway. I'd have it so RAMS should have to be approved by road authorities prior to lifting.

Painful truth
13. July 2017 18:52

Absolutely sickening, this should be pulled

Jerry S
13. July 2017 18:17

I'm afraid that I need a lot of convincing that the use of all of the video footage is justified. If some video footage is deemed appropriate then I see no reason why other sections could not be edited out before publication.




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