Genie stock picker

Genie has launched a stock picking version of its Runabout range of self propelled mast type lifts, dubbed QuickStock.

The Quickstock lift is available in all three Runabout model heights of 12 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft, and comes in two different versions - Retail (R) or Warehouse (W).
The Genie Quickstock stock picker

Kim Williams, senior market analyst said: “With its driveable picking platform, the QuickStock lift is ideal for locations where the use of high-density racking systems is common. It offers a quick, effective and safe way of picking and placing stock versus other types of equipment.”

QuickStock Retail version has all the features of the regular Runabout with a capacity up to 227kgs, or 160kgs for the QS20, facilitates picking and placing large boxes, bicycles and other irregular objects from high stocking locations. The units include optional dual bicycle hooks and a standard large front workstation tray. A rear parcel tray is available on the QS12 and 15.
The Genie Quickstock has all the standard Runabout features

Enclosed wiring and maintenance free batteries are standard along with dual flashing beacons and an obstruction sensing pad located on top of the chassis to senses when an object is on the unit, causing the platform to automatically stop descending both are intended for working in retail environments during opening hours.

The QuickStock Warehouse version includes the same features of the retail package, with the exception of the dual flashing beacons and the obstruction sensing pad.


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