New CEO and Non exec for Ainscough

Ainscough has appointed Jeremy Fry as interim chief executive, following the recent departure of Janet Entwistle, while ex A-Plant chief executive Sat Dhaiwal becomes a non-executive director.

Fry has held a number of interim roles over the past 15 years as chief executive, director and chairman, often working in a turnaround basis on behalf shareholders.
At the same time Sat Dhaiwal has joined the business in order “to help provide help and support on the future Ainscough strategy.”

We will update this item as and when the company releases more details.
Sat Dhaiwal


Just Saying.....
A fair element of truth there ghost I think. You look at the accounts and a fundamentally good / great business lurks in there but it seems the current owners bought at the top of the market for a high price and with the market / economy not exactly being great, the profit simply covers the debt and doesn't leave much else. A financial restructure needed I guess. And to be fair to Ms Entwistle, she inherited that. Maybe she told the owners a few home truths they didn't want to hear!

20 Mar 2019

The last article, not even a week before this one, ran along the lines of "Ainscough has made a strong, profitable performance." Should I be suspicious then that the new, interim CEO has often held roles in the turnaround basis? And what of the new owners waiting in the wings? More financiers wanting yet more meat off the bone - each successive owner has wanted more and more for themselves before passing it on to someone else and who has to pay for this? Operators and office staff by attacks on their wages and thus, living standards and customers expecting a a job to be carried out with the latest technology instead of refurbished, ageing machines that are being outclassed by newer equipment from smaller companies. Rest assured that the new owners will want their pound of flesh before passing it on again but as Liam Byrne said before leaving the Labour treasury office "There's no more money." Brace yourselves operators and office staff - they're coming for you.......again.

19 Mar 2019
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