New telematics from AMCS

French electronic systems manufacturer AMCS Technologies will launch a new IoT Lifting telematics programme at Bauma.

The company says the device collects all the information transmitted by the DCS 61-S anti-collision systems for each crane and sends it to a web portal, generating statistics for each job site and company.
Example of the IoT Lifting telematics

The DCS 61-S calculates the distances between the cranes and their loads in three dimensions and merges this data with the actual real time movement speeds to maintain safe distances between each crane and automatically bring them to a stop in the event that they stray into predetermined proximities or no-go zones. The 3G/4G network of the system’s SIM card is then able to store, send and receive information on the IoT Lifting web portal. Customers are able to access data relating to each crane and construction site with personal logins and passwords.

President Mohamed Chettibi said: “All of our customers, if they wish, will have daily feedback on the productivity of their construction sites and cranes equipped with our anti-collision DCS 61-S systems.”
The product will be shown at Bauma next month


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