Hyva enters platform market

Dutch international loader crane and material handling manufacturer Hyva is planning to offer a 30 model range of truck mounted lifts through its dealer network.

The company is badging products in two ranges - the AT telescopic model line with working heights from 15 to 28 metres, and the AZ articulated boom line from 13 to 29 metres. A pick up version will also be available. The units are built for Hyva by CTE, the first unit being the 20 metre AZ20.3 (the CTE Zed 20.3 HV) and will be available through the Hyva dealer network, both in Europe and elsewhere.
The 20 metre Hyva AZ 20.3 fully extended

Davide Catellani business director Cranes said: “Aerial platform new line represents another brick in the construction of the most extensive product portfolio in the industry for lifting and loading solutions. This underlines Hyva’s commitment to support our worldwide customer base to cover a wide range of applications and market needs.”
The first unit is mounted on a Nissan Cabstar chassis

Vertikal Comment

It is unusual to see a deal like this these days, given the number of manufacturers in the market building their own machines. But Hyva clearly believes that its dealers can both sell these units and possibly mount them locally, given that they are already used to doing that with the company’s loader cranes. This could be a particularly good deal for the company and for CTE in emerging markets, where Hyva is well established. By branding as Hyva there is also no concern about running into problems with CTE’s own dealers.

It would be surprising if it did much through its European dealers though given the fact that the market is already well developed and really not in need of a badged product. But you never know. Interesting move.


It?s interesting that in the massive consolidation of loader crane manufacturers and access platform manufacturers that none of them has successfully developed a distribution network that can deal with both. The markets for loaders and access are uniquely different and I doubt that Hyva will successfully sell access through their crane network but will in the end develop a separate sales and support team - in the UK and European market at least

8 Mar 2019
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