Central American Gottwalds

Turkish port operator Yilport Holding has ordered four Konecranes Gottwald G HMK 8410 Model 8 mobile harbour cranes for its terminals in Central America.

The diesel electric Model 8 cranes, ordered in the two rope variant, provide a maximum capacity of 100 tonnes, a radius of 61 metres, and can cover up to 19 container rows. Two of the cranes will be delivered to Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala later this year, with the other two shipping to Puerto Bolivar, Ecuador two months later.
Konecranes Model 8 mobile harbour crane

Yilport Holding chairman Robert Yüksel Yildirim said: “Our aim is to become a leading player in selected countries in Central America, which forms a key pillar in our global growth strategy. To provide customers with the best handling services at these logistic turnstiles and to meet the challenges of serving ever larger container vessels, we have opted once again for high performance Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbour cranes from our most valued and dependable partner. We have been impressed time and again with the high handling rates and reliability of the cranes from Konecranes and attach great importance to eco-efficiency that these machines provide as part of our overall strategy.”

Konecranes senior sales manager Andreas Moeller added: “We are proud that our long term customer Yilport has chosen our cranes once again for their handling services outside Europe. The fact that Yilport ordered four large Model 8 cranes for their terminals in Central America shows how customers can grow with our technology and broad offering according to their changing needs.”


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