Tower on a truck

Spotted somewhere in the UK, a man working from a small tube steel scaffold tower on the back of a pickup truck.
Not the best way to add extra height

With a platform height of around 2.5 metres, the man is working on the canopy of an old filling station. At least the tower is strapped down onto the pickup bed, and it seems to be resting against the canopy, but it is very far from ideal, in that climbing up onto the platform is not that straightforward, and it is hardly a safe or efficient form of working at height. Is it better than a decent ladder?

It depends on what he was doing and how long he stayed up there. If the job took some time then yes it probably is better than a ladder, however the longer he remains on the platform the greater the chance of slipping off given the poor guardrailing and lack of toeboards.

It is nowhere near the worst case of pick up scaffolding we have seen, and is probably fine as long as he has used this form of access out of choice, and not instructed to use it by an employer.
A closer look

However all things considered it scrapes into our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


I?m glad that is not me. The truck is an older model and if the shock absorbers are worn he could lose it all shifting his weight too far the wrong direction.

20 Feb 2019
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