New tilt sensor form Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright Controls has launched the VTS2021, a tilt sensor suitable for aerial lifts and other equipment.

The company says the tilt sensor is ideal for pitch and roll detection for both on and off highway applications. The VTS2021 uses IMU technology and algorithms to filter out disturbances caused by vibration and vehicle motion, providing output stability without the delays usually found with traditional tilt sensing methods.
Curtiss-Wright’s VTS2021 tilt sensor

Each measurement axis of the VTS2021 has two sensing elements. If an error is detected, it is communicated to the central electronics system ensure a safe operating situation is maintained. Each output signal also allows for thermal drift, ensuring accuracy over the operating temperature range. The VTS2021 is also IP67 rated for protection against dust and humidity and allowing them to be used in demanding environments.


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