Who needs cones and barriers?

Spotted by a reader in London a street lighting team with a van mounted platform making no effort to deal with traffic. After all London is not busy is it!
Just stop in the street and straight up to the top of the light

The photos show the platform pulling up and simply stopping in the middle of the road zipping up to the top of the street light, sorting out the issue returning to base and making off, causing some disruption and traffic confrontations, before zipping off to the next job and light.
Causing a traffic issue/confrontation

Given that traffic is brought to a standstill the risk is probably more likely to involve road rage boiling over than an access related issue, although it would be possible for the bus trying to squeeze by to clip the boom causing an issue for the man in the platform but given the lack of speed it would be unlikely to cause any serious issue.
And then off - getaway

However, this is dangerous and poor work practice so we will pop it into our Death Wish series for sure.

Have a safe weekend.


The only thing that could fit through that gap would be Prince Philip in his Landrover on its side ....

18 Jan 2019

How appropriate........... one dim bulb changing another dim bulb.

18 Jan 2019
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