Crane overturns lifting trees

A boom truck/ crane overturned last week while attempting to lift a tree at a home in North Salem, New York state.
The crane was set up with outriggers extended and load spread

The crane, owned and operated by Osorio Tree Service was well set up, with outriggers fully extended on the side of the lift, with plenty of shuttering under the pads, but it looks as though the operator attempted to lift too large a section of tree on a boom extended to around 33 metres. The boom only clipped the corner of the home, resulting in limited damage, although it did also bring down a power line. Neither the operator nor any of the tree workers were seriously hurt.
A large wrecker truck manged to recover the crane, once the boom had been cut away from the machine.
But the boom was almost fully extended and lifting too large a section of tree for the radius


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