Misplaced ladder

Spotted outside a hotel near Hamersmith, London in the UK, a man using a step ladder, but not as originally intended.

Our man is carrying out low level work and has a step ladder that is more than high enough for the task IF the ground below was level, however it is over the steps to a basement entrance, so our man has used the ladder to create a bridge between the railings and a small ledge.
Not how the ladder was intended to be used

Should the ladder slip he would face a nasty fall onto the stone steps - falls of this height all too often result in life changing injuries or worse. Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.



Bigger ladder to run from the stairway, with something under one leg to level it out. Still, this means working from a ladder but not as dangerously as above. Both as done and this option should have an extra man to stabilise/secure the ladder.

Next option:
Basic scaffold tower. Modular units can be set on uneven ground where one side is much higher. they do come narrow sufficient for that can of work location. But that would block, okay...
standard-type scaffolding made such to leave public access to basement (ladder would go to pavement area for raised platform access.... also the platform could be made at a height higher than where he actually got to with that ladder.

Too long to build? Small low-outreach MEWP. You can get a trailer-mounted little one like a Niftylift 120. Hell, a JLG T8E Toucan mast boom would be good for that - just 2.6m outreach, get over that gap. just get some plyboard over the pavement to protect the flags.. a measly 2 tonne.

no can do? bigger lift - maybe van mount like some utility companies have. anything that wont end up with a good chance of dead. costs money? so would loosing your life.

17 Nov 2018

If that ladder was the only way to get that job done he would have had less risk by having a helper to make sure the ladder would not shift. Better yet block and webstrap the bottom rungtothe stair fence. If he fell the consequences would be oh so painful.

16 Nov 2018
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