AT overturn in Sydney

A three axle All Terrain crane overturned this morning in the Clemton Park, area of South West Sydney, Australia.
The crane tipped over backwards

It looks as though the operator had not extended the outriggers, and slewed over the side with the fully retracted boom fully elevated and full counterweight in place. Predictably the crane flipped over backwards onto its counterweight.
The boom fell between two buildings

The crane operator was trapped in the cab for more than an hour, and suffered a few cuts and bruises, but is apparently not seriously injured. The crane, a Liebherr LTM1055-3 owned by Action Cranes was due to lift a fibreglass pool into the back yard of one of the homes in the street. It does not appear to have suffered too much damage, and amazingly the boom can down between two buildings with the only damage being to a fence. A power line was also brought down which caused a delay to the recovery of both the operator and the crane.
The outriggers were not extended


I don't get it.

"Crane Operators" who don't know the fundamentals.

Managers, Supervisors, Dispatchers who put them in a crane and turn them loose.

I just don't get it.

14 Nov 2018
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