How not to unload a big crawler

A near miss occurred earlier this week, while unloading a 600 tonne Kobelco 6000SL crawler crane from a barge. We are not sure where it was, but indications are that it was somewhere in the Middle East.
Off she comes - close to tipping

And down she goes

Click here to see video

The team allowed the operator to drive the crane, complete with fully rigged boom, along two ramps some distance above the ground, until the point where they tipped. Miraculously the crane remained on its tracks and no one was hurt.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series. Have a safe weekend!


Apart from the crane, what are those ramps made from?
Captain America's shield?

16 Oct 2018

tristams comment was right on point !

he should definitely have his own column , the problem would be that people don't like the truth!

16 Oct 2018

Crane expert
Holy cow! If it hadn?t been filmed nobody would of believed it had really happened. Eric you are right Tristan's comments always make me laugh even when they are slightly offensive haha. Maybe Vertikal should give him his own column every month, now that would be well worth a read haha.

15 Oct 2018

Eric L
Tristam's comment did make me laugh I must admit.

15 Oct 2018

Nothing to heavy
There?s no way this would have happened if the operator had an award winning EPIC Tideway induction

13 Oct 2018

They did very well not to have that over, the operator has the biggest set of balls in the industry. The Americans would of had that proper over and face planted into the concrete, then told us English it's not there fault and they saved us from the Germans.

13 Oct 2018


13 Oct 2018

This time.

13 Oct 2018

whatever, it worked -:)

12 Oct 2018
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