First French AC 55-3

French rental company Mediaco has taken delivery of a 55 tonne Demag AC 55-3 All Terrain crane, the first of its kind in France, with 20 more on order.

The three axle AC 55-3 features a 50 metre main boom, which can be lowered to five degrees below horizontal for easy rigging from the ground, and its outriggers can be positioned independently with the IC-1 Plus calculating the load chart based on the crane’s configuration.
Mediaco’s new Demag AC 55-3

Chief operations manager Frédéric Gilbert said: “The quality and innovative features have made the difference to the Demag All Terrain range of cranes. We ordered several Demag AC 55-3 cranes because this model offers many different uses. It has an impressive 50 metre main boom, the longest of all three axle cranes, and thanks to its compact dimensions, manoeuvres effortlessly through confined spaces. It was very important to us that the crane with a complete counterweight should remain under 12 tonnes of axle load. We can’t wait to see the new machine in action.”

Headquartered in Marseille, Mediaco operates from 59 locations and employs 1,500. The company’s crane fleet is 600 machines ranging from 30 to 800 tonnes, and it also runs an aerial lift fleet.


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