Blocking the way

Spotted by a reader in Iver, Buckinghamshire, in the UK, a small All Terrain crane blocking the pedestrian walkway and extending into the open road.

A resident living in Iver took this photograph yesterday, stating that the crane had set up on the pavement and used safety tape to block pedestrians, with no attempt to provide an alternative route, and that the crane was in place all day.

It looks as though the crane has not only blocked pedestrians, but one of its outriggers is also extended into the road with no apparent attempt to warn passing motorists, which could have resulted in a vehicle striking it.
In need of a cone or two in Iver

On the other hand this looks like a relatively quiet street. And at least the lift crew have stopped pedestrians from walking under the crane boom or load, and parked vans provide some protection from passing traffic. Given that there is a van present for what looks like a small crane, one also assumes that this is a contract lift, which is probably as it should be for work on a private home, although that isn’t always the case. One only hopes that the overhead wire is a telecoms line - although it appears to be a power line.

So is it a Death Wish? Well while some things may be lacking, but it hardly qualifies for that - depending on that power line being a power line or not. Perhaps just a ‘could do a better’ – or ‘take a cone next time’… might be more suitable verdicts.

Have a safe weekend.


Clearly the one responsible would be the lift supervisor that was on site for the job.

14 Oct 2018

After reading all the comments in this article, perhaps the one that stood out the most for me was the comment asking did the person who took such great interest in getting a "perfect" shot of this crane and all the mishaps they clearly took diligent notes of, ever attempt to contact anyone on site or even call someone as they stood there on this site worrying over the safety of mankind? I don't know it just seems a little far-fetched. Had this been me I would have clearly spoken to anyone I could or called someone for info or help if my agenda was for the safety and well being for others, I don't believe I would have run off with pictures and notes of issues without doing all I could do first to try and fix the situation. Social media and sites like this have clearly become the fix all be all for some people. It is better to blast an issue online then it is to fix it face to face these days.

13 Oct 2018

I suddenly feel interested

9 Oct 2018

Am I a Baldwins hater? No. Do I care? Yes.
Do I know who posted the picture? Yes.
Can I do anything about it? Yes.
Will it change anything? No.
And that, sums it up.

9 Oct 2018

John I believe you hit the nail on the head. But.
Yellow cranes do not have cancer.
If you wish to relaunch a product there is simply no point in doing so if you retain the cancerous people and their offspring.
We all know the lift supervisor did not post this picture. It most certainly was not me because in all honesty I do not see it worthy as news.
Endow the operations manager and his team with effectual powers to remove the cancer and you may very well find less traffic cones in your future.

9 Oct 2018

What I interesting that a yellow crane does a back flip and has 4 comments
City Crane 14 comments and the job was completed all as stated below.

8 Oct 2018

The person taking the photo was a driver that dropped a vehicle at the garden centre and was walking to his pick up point, so had nothing to do with Baldwins or any such crane company.

8 Oct 2018

southern lifter
People see a crane across a pathway, under a cable or simply working in a suburban area and they will always get a little excited.
Unfortunately working under such conditions will always be a part of the industry. In saying that, provided these aspects of the lifting operation are suitably assessed, adequately reducing the risks involved, then I see no issue with what appears to be a very 'tight' job.
Studying the photograph, I am unable to see whether or not the machine is operational.
I note there are no pedestrians lining up to pass. I also note there are no vehicles obstructed by this little crane. I note the cable above remains intact.
I see vehicles parked down the road and in front of the crane reducing traffic to single file.
My understanding from the comments below is that this is a contracted lift with TM falling on the client.
Nevertheless, the onus is on the crane supervisor to ensure the operation is as it should be. Failure to place warnings of the hazard to oncoming traffic is a schoolboy error and blame lays squarely on the shoulders of the crane supervisor.
RED in this instance I feel I need to disagree, your barriers are impractical as is any pedestrian route around the crane.
UPPING THE GAME I find your comment to Baz very curious.
I cannot see how anyone can state that this operation was badly planned without having all of the facts in front of me.
As an operator and professional I can only conclude that there was a basic failing on the part of one individual.
Traffic cone violation, the end.

7 Oct 2018

As irritated as I am at having my home placed on a website portal and used as a means to score points, I feel I need to address some of the egotistical comments below.
Firstly, I personally distributed 102 notices in a letter drop advising residents of the footpath closure.
We contacted the council, the electricity company and the bus company as advised by the rep.
There were NO pedestrians on the day, footfall came only from workers on site.
Crane blocking who exactly?

7 Oct 2018

baz the build
upping the game, fantastic nickname by the way it suggests an element of agente provocateur.
On reflection I feel the need to highlight your obvious lack of experience as follows:-
If the crane supervisor was not happy, why did the lifting operation ensue? Why did he not stop it until such times as satisfactory barriers/walkways etc were were put in place?
When a crane is sited between two gate posts tolerances mean a lot and it does take a few calculations to get it right but hey what do I know I'm no crane expert.
As for barriers, the crane was cordoned off and a member of the team posted to assist potential pedestrian traffic and monitor the overhead line.
When the council came out to discuss the crane operation they suggested we do not use barriers but rather post a marshal as barriers would further restrict the road and we were required to leave 3.5M of access.
In so far as larger mats for the outriggers, we were advised that an 80t crane had conducted a similar operation next door with no effect on the road surface. Therefore when the crane rep suggested them we rejected them as an unnecessary cost.
The entire operation ensued without damage, complaint, or incident over a 12 hour period. Unfortunately noone can photograph that.

6 Oct 2018


The correct term is "tempest" in a tea pot. And to competent, professional crane operators and riggers, this IS our life.

If someone was injured because of a lack of basic jobsite safety practices, as on display here, who among us would be able to just shrug it off ?

6 Oct 2018

storm in a tea cup...you folks need a life!

6 Oct 2018

baz the build
upping the game...we are builders, not crane hire, that is why we requested a contract lift.

6 Oct 2018

upping the game
baz the build love you comments but...

- If a Baldwins Lift Supervisor took this picture i would guess he wasnt happy with the situation?
-Tolerances of millimetres, i would suggest this would only be the case if a full TYPO survey had been completed and for a small site im guessing this wasnt the case.
- If traffic management was your responsibility why is there no signage or barriers?

But as you state it took a great deal of planning this is evident as you hung a hi vis on the pad rack.

Carry on joker, with comments like this and bad planning gives contract lifts a bad name and just a way to make money.

Working in a residential area should be of paramount safety as there are so many un-known factors with the ground conditions, not even any oversized outrigger mats used.

Cant understand why people cant take pride in their work...

6 Oct 2018

baz the build
This article appears to be not only inaccurate, but moreover a vindictive undermining of our project by a disgruntled Baldwins employee. I respond to this article as follows:-
The crane is a 55T city crane, city being the operative word.
A resident of Iver did not take this photograph, the Baldwins lift supervisor took it and submitted it.
The crane is not set up on the pavement as we are conscious of the underground services running below, the crane was rigged across the pavement.
This operation was conducted as a contracted lift due to the minimal tolerances involved, however the traffic management aspect remained our responsibility as the client. We therefore apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Nevertheless despite this oversight on our part it is untrue to state that no attempt was made to highlight the outriggers in the road. The picture has been manipulated to project this from the angle taken and if you look closely you will note that the outrigger pad rack protrudes beyond the extended rigger and thereon hangs an orange hi vis vest to warn oncoming traffic of the hazard.
We confirm that this was conducted as a contract lift and took a great deal of planning. The baldwins AP provided us with autocad precision which gave tolerances of millimetres to slew the crane the few degrees required. The crane driver was highly skilled and the slinger exceptionally helpful.
The electricity company was contacted by ourselves prior to the lift with a view to cutting the power to the cable for a period of five hours. We were advised that this was a low voltage insulated cable which posed no threat to man or beast unless it was struck. The cable was therefore risk assessed and relevant restrictions placed on the jib and slew of the crane.
Had the entire operation not been sabotaged by the lift supervisor from start to finish, I would have rated the crane company 10/10 on expertise and service.
Perhaps had he focused his lazy and incompetent being more on the job and less on posting rubbish online we would have had an easy and relaxed day. Crane blocking the way? No Mr Baldwin, an employee is blocking your way.

6 Oct 2018

I agree with Binman in principle but have you ever tried to intervene and offer some advice in situations like this? I have and it has never gone well, last time I was glad to get away without being thumped or punched! The abuse was bad enough!
But your'e right a call to the company would be right and as the number is on the side of the crane and we all have phones these days, this would have been best but cant say I have ever done that myself

5 Oct 2018

Let's see,
No cones, barricades,
No warning signs,
No rerouting of pedestrian traffic,
Boom dangerously close to power lines,
Traffic Marshals on site, but nowhere in sight,

I give this operator/crew a grade of D-.

5 Oct 2018

It is very sad to read this and see how low people will stoop. This is wrong apart from there were traffic marshals. What is very annoying is the person who took this picture and then got it posted WALKED ON BYE. Did they say something to the Crew NO. Did they ring the company involved NO.
Rushed off to post this to try to score some cheap points. Were we all to behave like this poster then we would be in a very sad place. Lifting incidents are prevented every day by people who step up to the plate and try to eliminate danger to people and property. Why instead of rushing to get to Vertikal Net did the READER not do something about it.

5 Oct 2018

No John, that is not right this is Norwood Lane and it is two way and there is a garden centre almost opposite this house! It can be quite busy as it is sometimes used as a cut through.
Also that is electrical power running overhead

5 Oct 2018

With reference to the article please note that there were traffic Marshalls in attendance at all times whilst the lifts were in progress on this dead end road, these persons were in control of passing personnel and any traffic which required access

5 Oct 2018
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