UK’s first AC 300-6

UK rental company RRC Crane Hire/Road Rail Cranes has taken delivery of a 300 tonne Demag AC 300-6 All Terrain crane, the first in the UK.

The six axle AC 300-6 has an 80 metre main boom plus a 21 metre bi-fold extension, with up to 40 degrees of offset. It can handle up to 15 tonnes on its fully extended main boom.
RRC’s new AC 300-6

Managing director Ian Cross said: “Since adding our first specialised crane in early 2013, we’ve worked hard to build an impeccable reputation for network rail infrastructure. From the very beginning, we knew the company would be successful if we employed highly trained operators and equipped them with quality and innovative equipment. The Demag AC 300-6 All Terrain crane exemplifies those standards and will be a great addition as we continue to grow as a company.”

“There are so many cost and time saving features incorporated into the design of this crane. We know it will get a lot of use and yield a high return on investment.”
(L-R) Mark Timberlake of Demag/Terex, Ian Cross of RRC, Tim Leech of Demag/Terex, Derek Hook of RRC, the late Stephan Williams of RRC, Ross Kirkpatrick of RRC, and Michael Zimmer of Demag/Terex

Established in 2013, RRC Crane Hire and Road Rail Cranes both specialise in rail infrastructure works as well as general crane rental. The new crane joins a fleet of around 24 Terex and Demag cranes.


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