First Nation JV for Mammoet

Mammoet Canada is opening a joint facility with the Haisla First Nation the government of the indigenous Haisla people in the town of Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada.

The Haisla 'Band' or Nation and the majority of its 1,700 strong community are centred around nearby Kitimaat village, to the far north west of Vancouver. The community supported and has played an important role in the production of Liquified Natural Gas in the region, and has been working with LNG Canada on a new pipeline and facility.

Mammoet-Haisla will formally open on October 15th with a functional yard, while a permanent office will follow in the coming months. Services provided at the new location will include mobile crane services and engineering support, with project management to follow at a later date. The Mammoet-Haisla operation will work with the Haisla Nation to create jobs for the Kitimaat community.

Vice president commercial Tom MacLeod said: “One of Mammoet’s objectives is to combine our commercial business with contributions to local communities. We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to a rewarding relationship with the Haisla Nation.”


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