Tadano’s largest loader crane

Tadano is launching its new TM-ZX1505 loader crane next month in the Middle East and south east Asia.

The company’s largest loader crane to date, the TM-ZX1505 has a maximum capacity of 15 tonnes, which it can lift at a two metre radius, and maximum radius is 18.07 metres. The crane has an 18.5 metre boom, and has a maximum lifting height of approximately 20 metres.
Tadano TM-ZX1505

The TM-ZX1505 comes with Tadano’s Automatic Moment Limiter (AML), which includes a stability monitoring function in addition to being a straight forward overload indicator. The crane also features a digital operator display which shows actual and rated loads, and an optional remote control among other features. The systems includes the newly developed load weight function, which calculates and displays load weight during loading and unloading.
The crane features remote control operation

Tadano says that the crane has been developed in response to demand from the oil industry in the Middle East and south east Asia for a crane with high work capabilities and a focus on safety. The crane will be primarily launched for these regions.


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