Truck crane overturn

A truck crane overturned onto a house in Orlando on Tuesday when one of the outriggers sank into soft ground while loading shingles onto the roof of the house.
The crane boom sliced through the roof

The fully extended main boom sliced through the roof, fortunately the residents of the home, were out at the time and no was hurt in the incident.

The roofing company stated that the crane, owned and operated by Beyel Brothers, was rented by the shingle supplier and that it had set one of the outriggers up on the grass without using mats. The crane was unloading the last of four pallets which it went over narrowly missing a roofer. It also looks as though the other outrigger on the tipping side was short rigged.
The rear outrigger was set up on grass without large mats

Two other Beyel cranes recovered the overturned machine and the roof was patched.
The view from the air


Sorry Tristam, just got the hump about the continual Anti-American sentiment spewing out everywhere.
We did have a democratic vote just like your referendum but nobody likes the answer.
God Bless you and try not to be so bigoted as it does bite you back eventually.

7 Sep 2018

Nothing to heavy
This is clearly what happens when non union ops run big rigs

6 Sep 2018

Crane lads
Now now you two play nice or you can go sit in your cabs.

6 Sep 2018

Oh the old ? we saved you from the Germans card? we let us return the favour and save you from yourselves now lol.
World war 2 has nothing to do with this subject in hand but let?s have a history lesson any way. Millions of people could of been saved if America hadn?t sat on the fence for so long and joined the party so late just as we was cleaning up.

Now let?s address the soft furnishings comment, I?m great at choosing stuff for the house how are you at choosing stuff for your ?trailer???

As for my ability of operating cranes? Well you would know how good I was if you owned a TV in your trailer.

6 Sep 2018

You trusted us with our guns to save you in WWII.
Have you got an anger problem like that boy named Sue?
I bet you are good with colors and soft furnishings, doubt you can operate a crane though.

6 Sep 2018

2 things Americans can't be trusted with

1: cranes

2: Guns

The only way you lot could make the crane industry safer across the pond is to leave the keys in the ignitions and wait for us English to come and operate them for you, the accident rate will drop like a stone.

6 Sep 2018

At least we have got rockets in The States.
What have you got? Just a bunch of racist key board warriors, not sure with a name like Tristam if you are male or female but you really shouldn't be so prejudiced.

6 Sep 2018

I didn't even need to open this news article to know what country this happen in. Why on earth have the Yanks not learnt their lesson yet?? It?s not rocket science.

5 Sep 2018
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