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More GMG for HWS

10. August 2018 | Comments (1)

Dutch rental company HWS has taken delivery of 50 more GMG scissor lifts, including a large number of 19ft GMG 1930EDs. HWS was one of the first companies to invest in GMG machines when the new company was launched early last year - See another new aerial lift entrant.

HWS has take a further 50 GMG slab scissor lifts
HWS has taken a further 50 GMG slab scissor lifts

HWS commercial director and shareholder Allard Maij said: “The GMG scissor lifts we have in our rental fleet have proven to be very good machines, our customers love their smooth controls, and the fact that they are very quiet and last a long time on a single battery charge. The I-Power direct electric drive is fantastic, it is unbelievable how smooth and quiet the machines drive and operate. Platform capacity is also a huge feature and GMG has done a fantastic job in this area. We were cautious when we purchased our first GMG machines, GMG is after all a new company, and we wanted to make sure that they were all that they claimed them to be. They are certainly the best value for our money and our customers often tell us to send them the GMG machines.”

HWS has take a further 50 GMG slab scissor lifts
Allard Maij of HWS (L) take delivery of the new scissors from Jim Tolle of GMG

Jim Tolle of GMG added: “It is nice when our customers place repeat orders and make significant investments in our machines, it simply confirms our vision and direction that there is innovation left to do in the slab scissor lift business. Our I-Power (Intelligent Power) systems offers better duty cycle, more power, smoother controls and better battery management. As a result, we now provide a two year warranty on the batteries, while most competitors only offer 90 days.”


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10. August 2018 21:30

What a strange article. I am reading the comments of a customer and a supplier. However, the customer is also commenting as if he is the supplier as well?



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