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Big Palfinger for AET

8. August 2018 | Comments (0)

UK heavy haulage and machinery removal company AET Transport Services has added a new rear mounted 65 tonne/metre Palfinger PK65002D SH loader crane, on a Mercedes Arocs 48LK ENA32 32 tonne, four axle chassis. The company believes that it is one of the largest rear mounted cranes in the country.

AET Transport Services has added a new Mercedes-Benz eight-wheeler with rear-mounted, 65 tonne metre Palfinger PK65002D SH radio remote-controlled crane

The new truck has been assigned to AET’s factory relocation team operating throughout Europe for companies such as Airbus, Britax, Rolls-Royce and Sunseeker.

Palfinger UK - part of the TH White group mounted and delivered the crane, while Marshall Truck & Van supplied the truck. The Arocs has straight six engine with a Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic transmission, and is equipped to pull a drawbar trailer at a gross train weight of 44 tonnes

The truck is capable of carrying 10 tonnes, half a tonne more than its predecessor.

The AET group - which includes AET Andover, Curvin Transport, Dorset Crane Hire, and Eaton Transport divisions - runs a combined fleet of 66 vehicles including three 32 tonne 8x2 trucks with cranes positioned behind the cab.

AET group managing director Andrew Trotter said: “A rear-mounted crane will always be more appropriate for some jobs, as it allows us to back into the premises and reach further. The truck’s rear steer axle also gives us an excellent turning circle, which is a major advantage on some difficult to access sites.”

Andrew Trotter, managing director AET

Palfinger UK worked closely on the design of the vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Trucks to shed as much weight as possible without compromising stability and rigidity. The result is a truck capable of carrying 10 tonnes, half a tonne more than its predecessor.

“The extra capacity gives us a lot more flexibility,” said Trotter. “An eight-wheeler which can lift 10 tonnes from the back end and then carry all of that weight is going to be a very productive addition to the fleet.”


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