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Demags for Neeb

6. August 2018 | Comments (0)

German crane rental company Neeb has taken delivery of a 500 tonne AC 500-8 All Terrain crane, the new crane follows the recent delivery of a 650 tonne Demag CC 3800-1 lattice boom crawler crane.

The CC 3800-1 was fully equipped with the Terex Boom Booster kit, which extends the crane’s maximum system length to 183 metres. The eight axle AC 500-8 features a 56 metre main boom, and when combined with its 90 metre luffing jib provides a maximum tip height of 146 metres.

Neeb, Demag AC 500-8
Neeb’s new Demag AC 500-8

General manager Armin Neeb said: “With its default configuration, the CC 3800-1 is already an extremely powerful crane when it comes to performance characteristics, but the new Boom Booster takes things to a whole new level. In fact, we have already been able to see that for ourselves several times when we had to lift heavy loads to great heights. And we are also really excited about our new Demag AC 500-8.”

“There were several reasons why we decided on the Demag AC 500-8, with one of them being the fact that the crane is the most compact eight axle unit of its class thanks to a carrier length of just over 17 metres. Together with a maximum boom and job of 145 metres, this made the unit not only incredibly versatile, but also perfect for our purposes – especially whenever large lifting capacities are required in tight spaces.”

Neeb, Demag AC 500-8
(L-R) Armin Neeb, Marcus Nöpel, Niklas Schäfer and David Carballo of Neeb

Demag/Terex sales manager Helge Prüfer added: “The fact that someone with extensive experience in the field of cranes like Mr Neeb appreciates these advantages is something that we’re naturally very proud of. We completely agree that the Demag AC 500-8 was the best possible choice he could have made for his purposes.”

Established in 1961, Neeb is headquartered in Wuppertal, western Germany. The company runs a fleet of All Terrain, crawler, spider and mobile tower cranes.
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