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Geda & Potain unveil internal hoist

9. July 2018 | Comments (0)

German hoist manufacturer Geda has developed an exclusive internal crane operator hoist/elevator for Potain cranes.

The development is part of an ongoing collaboration partnership between the two manufacturers that builds on the work that Geda has already done with Potain distributor and rental company Arcomet - See Arcomet Geda, Reflex. The five year exclusivity deal includes the supply of several hundred hoists.

The internal mast crane operator hoist, dubbed the Geda Potain Cab-IN has been developed exclusively for the Potain range of top slewing tower cranes and is based in Geda’s 2 PK crane operator hoist that has been on the market for several years and is well proven.

Geda and Potain
Geda and Potain / Manitowoc have a agreed an exclusive five year supply deal for the new Cab-IN internal tower crane hoist

Cab-IN fits inside all Potain crane mast systems and is compatible with all Potain bases and drive frames. Once fitted the hoist remains permanently within the tower, avoiding any additional transport costs or separate storage areas. It is said to be easily accessible and therefore also easy to maintain, service and inspect. It also includes a new, enclosed sliding landing level safety gate, specifically for the internal mast crane operator hoist.

The first deliveries are planned for the end of this year, but it already complies with new French regulations which make the installation of a crane operator hoist obligatory for every crane of 30 metres or more form 2019 on. It also complies with regulations in the Netherlands and Nordic countries.

Johann Sailer of Geda (L) and Aaron Ravenscroft of Manitowoc/Potain
Johann Sailer of Geda (L) and Aaron Ravenscroft of Manitowoc/Potain

Geda managing director Johann Sailer said: “Always with our eyes on the market, one of our ultimate objectives is to offer our customers tailor made height access solutions. Our existing expertise in crane operator hoists along with the exclusive collaboration with Manitowoc, has enabled us to develop the Geda Potain Cab-IN, a product that precisely reflects the customer's requirements and which already meets the future legal regulations coming into force in France.”
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