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First Genie S-85XC in the Benelux

20. June 2018 | Comments (0)

Dutch rental company Oostenbrink Transport & Hoogwerker Verhuur has taken delivery of the first 85ft Genie S-85 XC straight telescopic boom lift to arrive in the Benelux region.

The new model offers a maximum working height of 27.9 metres and a maximum capacity of 454kg at up to around 20 metres, or a 300kg unrestricted outreach of 22.7 metres. The machine was sold and delivered by Genie distributor HDW.

The S-85 XC features Genie’s new load sense cell that continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the load in the platform, with automatic working envelope control. The system will automatically retract the boom, should for example, the operator attempt to lower the fully extended boom below that permitted with a load in the platform that is greater than the unrestricted platform capacity.

The machine also includes the new chassis tilt sensor that adjusts the platform’s working envelope based on the actual slope of the ground, cutting key functions when the maximum range is reached.

Genie S-85 XC, Oostenbrink Transport & Hoogwerker Verhuur
The new Genie S-85 XC is delivered to Oostenbrink Transport & Hoogwerker Verhuur

Henk Oostenbrink, the owner of Oostenbrink Transport & Hoogwerker Verhuur said: “The Genie S-85 XC boom lift definitely has a lot going for it. With its XC capabilities, it seemed the obvious choice, and we are confident that it will be under high demand. A large proportion of our business involves the tree cutting sector. This type of work implies complying with strict environmental regulations, involves heavy tools and often needs two people on the platform. The increased lift capacity of the S-85 XC and its reduced noise and emissions will be a huge advantage. This machine will also benefit our customers in the steel erection and building industry where, because it can carry significantly more weight in the platform, it reduces the number of up and down trips to reload with tools and materials. Our customers will be quick to see how this can save time and increase their productivity.”

Casper Kroon of HDW added: “Compared to other machines in this size category, the Genie S-85 XC is the best all rounder on the market right now, this model offers a versatility second to none. And since it can carry more tools, materials, people and accessories it offers rental companies a wider range of business opportunities and for end users, the ability to do more using a single machine.”

Based in Hardenberg, eastern Netherlands, Oostenbrink Transport & Hoogwerker Verhuur runs a rental fleet of aerial lifts and forklift trucks, comprising of around 50 machines.

Genie S-85 XC, Oostenbrink Transport & Hoogwerker Verhuur
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