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Two all new Liebherr cranes unveiled

14. June 2018 | Comments (2)

Liebherr has announced two all new cranes, a 230 tonne, long boomed LTM1230-5.1 All Terrain and a new 800 tonne LR1800-1.0 lattice crawler crane.

The new five axle 230 tonne LTM 1230-5.1 boasts a 75 metre main boom – three metres longer than its predecessor, the 200 tonne LTM 1200-5.1 lift as well as a longer boom, average lift capacities are said to be 20 percent better, partly due to the fact that it incorporates the VarioBallast system, first seen on the LTM 1450-8.1.

The all new Liebherr LTM1230-5.1
The all new 230t Liebherr LTM1230-5.1

Extra height can be achieved with an 11.5 to 22 metre bi-fold swingaway with up to 40 degrees of offset, with a hydraulic luffing option. Additional reach is available by inserting up to three seven metre straight lattice sections between boom nose and swingaway, although the maximum tip height is no more than 115 metres.

A fixed offset 43 metre jib is also available that can incorporate a hydraulic luffing section to create a type of luffing jib with up to 45 degrees of offset. The attachments can also be configured to produce a high capacity 39 metre fixed jib.

The crane uses Liebherr’s single engine concept with a six cylinder chassis mounted engine driving a 12 speed ZF Traxon transmission and the superstructure pumps by a mechanical shaft system through the centre of the slew ring. Additional features include EcoMode and EcoDrive to maximise fuel efficiency, while reducing noise and emissions.

The all new Liebherr LTM1230-5.1
The new crane features a 75m main boom and Varioballast

The LTM 1230-5.1 is unusual in that it has an asymmetric outrigger base, with a front spread of 7.4 metres, and a rear spread of 8.1 metres. The wider rear base is said to provide additional capacity over the rear quadrant. It is also equipped with Liebherr’s Variobase outrigger set up system.

The new crane was unveiled a couple of hours ago at the company’s bi-annual Customer Days. As is customary now the company displayed an example of its advanced rigging skills using its lift planning software. This year it constructed a spider’s web between two lattice cranes, with one of its new Rough Terrain cranes stuck in the middle.

Liebherr rigging demo
Rigging demo par excellence - a Liebherr LRT stuck in the spider's web

It also demonstrated a driverless LTC 1050-3.1 city type All Terrain crane. Quite what use this is unless it can also operate the crane as well was not mentioned - perhaps it could be used for bare lease rentals? The main point was to demonstrate how the company is keeping on top of new technology in order to be ready to exploit any that can improve crane efficiency etc…

Liebherr driverless
A driver less crane, the LTC-1050-3.1

The second new crane to be unveiled was the 800 tonne LR 1800-1.0, which also introduces a new nomenclature system, with the -1 being the first 800 tonner, and the .0 being the first generation. An upgrade would be a 1.1 while a totally new 800 tonner would be a 2.0.

800 tonne Liebherr LR800-1.0
The 800 tonne Liebherr LR800-1.0 less its tracks is lifted into the demo arena with a 3,000 tonne LR13000 with Power Boom

The new crane which adds to the company’s sub 1,000 tonne product line, has a standard maximum reach of an 84 metre boom and 84 metre luffing jib, but can also be configured with a main boom of up to 102 metres, while the luffing jib can also be extended to 102 metres. The boom and jib use three different sizes of lattice section, the bottom half of the main boom uses the largest sections, with the medium sections used for the top half of the boom and the bottom half of the jib, finally the small sections are used for the top of the jib. They can be telescoped inside each other for more efficient transport.

800 tonne Liebherr LR800-1.0
Here come the tracks

The widest component has an overall width of just three metres, and the heaviest is 45 tonnes. The machine base with tracks in place is said to weigh 60 tonnes, but only 45 tonnes with tracks removed.

800 tonne Liebherr LR800-1.0
On goes the counterweight and the boom....

Maximum counterweight comprises of 230 tonnes on the superstructure, 70 tonnes on the chassis/carbody and 400 tonnes of derrick ballast. A new folding frame guides the suspended ballast and is variable up to a 23 metre radius. Power comes from a V8 Stage V diesel.

The Liebherr LR1800-1.0
The LR1800-1.0 fully rigged in less than half an hour!

That’s it for now from Ehingen.
Point of Rental/Syrinx


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Robert Page
19. June 2018 20:18

The spider web concept is cool but you notice the people standing under a suspended load? Not good...

Tim Ambridge
18. June 2018 11:50

Very very impressive the rigging of the 800 ton crawler crane in half an hour.
Only problem is Do I need to buy the 4 other 750 -3000 ton cranes to rig it as well?
But seriously,it was a great couple of days,my thanks to Liebherr.




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