Demag for W.Mayer

German transport and crane service provider W. Mayer has taken delivery of a 130 tonne Demag AC 130-5 All Terrain crane.

The five axle AC 130-5 has a 60 metre main boom plus extensions which take the maximum tip height to 86.5 metres. It has been delivered to the company's headquarters in Zweibrücken.
W. Mayer's new Demag AC 130-5

W. Mayer's Yannick Alt said: “Our many machines operated in the past from the HC – and later AC series – were always reliable mobile cranes, and always corresponded to the state of the art. With this in mind, the decision to opt for the new Demag AC 130-5 was easy for us.”

“The AC 130-5 is more compact than any other crane in its class and offers very good lifting capacities even with a small outrigger base – and with the 10 tonnea of counterweight that it can carry.”
(L-R) Stefan Schäfer, Yannick Alt and Patrick Graul of W. Mayer, Michael Zieger, Oliver Noé, Martin Stiffel of Terex/Demag

W. Mayer's Patrick Graul added: "We often work on construction sites with limited space where it is important to adjust the outriggers. Here the IC-1 Plus control system is worth its weight in gold, as it allows high lifting capacities even with asymmetrically extended outriggers. This system completely won us over.”


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