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Manitowoc unveils new 100t crawler

4. June 2018 | Comments (1)

Manitowoc has announced the all new 100 tonne MLC100-1 crawler crane, which it is launching at a series of open days that it is holding this week in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania.

The MLC100-1 will replace the Kobelco built 11000-1 and will offer the same maximum main boom length of 61 metres and is also likely to have a jib in the region of 18 metres. The crane is powered by a Cummins Tier 4 Final diesel and has been designed for rapid and easy set up without the need for assist cranes, while a new hoist line termination ‘button makes reeving on site much faster and easier.

The MLC100-1 also has an improved, wider cab design, with easy access thanks to additional grab bars and a movable left hand console. The high back seat with built in head rest and electronic seat controls combine with an improved heating and air conditioning system to maximise operator comfort. Controls incorporate Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS), which can be used in conjunction with the company’s new Diagnostic Code App to analyse diagnostic screens. The crane incorporates a number of easy service features, such as easy access to key components, high visibility sight glasses and quick drain connectors on all gearboxes.

A wide variety of options include a free fall winch, third-drum, generator powered boom lights and a cold weather package.

Manitowoc's new 100 tonne MLC100-1 crawler crane
Manitowoc's new 100 tonne MLC100-1 crawler crane

Harley Smith, global product director for crawler cranes said: “It means a lot to debut our newest crawler crane here in Shady Grove. Visitors to Crane Days are the first in the world to see the MLC100-1 fully assembled. This crane is a huge time saver, with extremely quick set up and tear down times, giving our customers more time to get to work.”

“We want to show our customers that we’re listening, and I think the MLC100-1 stands as proof that we are. They asked for a reliable crawler that can get to work faster than any competing crane. Visitors to Crane Days are seeing the simple elegance we’ve delivered at their request.”
The company has also unveiled new 3.5 metre wide boom inserts and extended upper boom point on its 350 tonne MLC300 which provides an off-set lifting point for wind maintenance or other jobs that require a higher hook height.

Vertikal Comment

We look forward to learning more about the new crane, which will take the company back into the smaller crawler crane market, a gap that has been plugged for the past 15 years by Kobelco built cranes badged as Manitowoc. See Kobelco and Manitowoc to end OEM supply agreement. The challenge will be to build a small crane that is as smooth, reliable and sophisticated as the Kobelco units, which are frequently referred to as 'best in class'. Manitowoc has had the advantage of supporting the Kobelco built products for almost 15 years, which will have proved invaluable experience when coming to designing this new crane.
Collett & Sons Ltd


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Tristam Mayes
4. June 2018 17:25

First impressions is it looks really old and outdated, the cab looks like something from the 1980?s. My first thought is they should of stuck with Kobelco.




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