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Genie secondary guarding for scissors

8. May 2018 | Comments (0)

Genie will unveil the prototype of new type of secondary guarding system for scissor and mast type lifts at Vertikal Days.

The new system will be dubbed new Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm. It will be shown to visitors to its stand (110) at Vertikal Days - Donington Park, next week. The system is an electronic secondary guarding solution designed to activate when an activation whisker mounted on the lift’s platform guardrails, comes into contact with an overhead obstruction, alerting the operator, occupants and ground personnel of a potential hazard.

The standard configuration for slab electric scissor and vertical mast lifts will include two activation whiskers — one mounted on the front of the platform, and one mounted on the rear. When the system is activated, all machine motion will stop, an alarm will sound and beacons will flash. The operator will be able to continue driving or elevating the platform into the desired working position after acknowledging the activation system and machine stopped condition. A free-movement zone will exist between the activation whisker and guardrail, to allow mobility for operators and occupants after the system is activated.

Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm
A prototype of Genie's new Lift Guard Contact Alarm will be on display at Vertikal Days

Zach Gilmor, Genie product manager for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia region said: “Operator safety and productivity are key considerations in the Genie design process. The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system for slab scissor and vertical mast lifts is designed to supplement a trained operator’s situational awareness and provide a secondary layer of guarding while working at height. Showing this prototype to customers during Vertikal Days gives us the opportunity to engage with Genie customers and end users, gaining feedback from them so we can tailor our future protective solution offerings to best meet their needs and expectations.”

“Genie customers throughout the world are committed to workplace safety, and we want to support their efforts with focused market solutions. We designed the Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system for slab scissor lifts and vertical masts to provide a level of secondary guarding equivalent to that available on boom lifts, in a package that meets the unique needs of scissor and vertical mast lift applications.”

The company is looking for customer and user feedback during the event, with the plan to put the new feature into production later this year. A retrofit kit will be available with compatibility with Genie Smart Link system-enabled scissor lifts and vertical masts produced from 2011-2018.

Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm
Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm
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