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Manlift awards long service

8. April 2018 | Comments (0)

As Middle East based aerial lift rental specialist Manlift enters if 11th year of operation - having opened its doors in Dubai in 2007 - it has recognised a substantial number of employees that have been with the company from the start.

The company has expanded at a steady but prolific pace since then, and now operates a fleet of 3,000 self-propelled platforms - with working heights to 58 metres - from five locations across the region, including Southeast Asia. It claims that a much of its success can be directly attributed to the fact that half of all employees have been with the company for five years or more and are highly experienced.

Those receiving their 10th anniversary awards at Manlift Middle East in Dubai, included: Ranjith Jos, Joseph Mathew, Antony George, Albin George, Prabhakara Kasargod, Rayees Thattankandy, Rijo Devassy, Bency George, Rolando Arada, Joel Quadras, Bhaskaran Koroth, Syed Ali, Robert Stephen, Elmer Dimaano, Malik Awan, Bazeer Ahmed and Shaji Balakrishnan. And from Manlift Qatar: Antony George, Prabhakara Kasargod, Rayees Thattankandy, Bhaskaran Koroth Nair and Shaji Balakrishnan A total of 22 individuals.

The Manlift Middle East team at the awards ceremony in Dubai
The Manlift Middle East team at the awards ceremony in Dubai

Manlift Dubai 10 years
Three Dubai based staff with their 10 year awards and celebratory cakes (L-R) Albin George, Joseph Mathew and Ranjith Los

Several employees received five year awards including: Oswald Dsouza, Binoy Kallarakkal , Don Indrapriya, Madhusudanan Bhaskaran, Nestor Nuenz, Gangadharan Thadathil, Lewin Ranilo, Brain Toquero, Mohammed Khan, Unnikrishnan Sasidharan and Randolf Ang Echague from Manlift Middle East plus: Binoy Subramanian, Madhusudanan Bashkaran, Gangadharan Thadathil, Mohammed Khan, Unnikrishnan Sasidharan, Randolf Echague from Manlift Qatar.

David King addresses staff at the ceremony at Manlift Qatar
Manlift managing director David King addresses staff at the ceremony at Manlift Qatar

Managing director David King said: “Our compelling value proposition is our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations. We know that if we can do that reliably and consistently, our customers will be willing to pay for our services. We believe in keeping our promises, finding solutions from customers’ perspectives, creating value together, improving every day, and acting with urgency. That is the embodiment of that value proposition and it is what makes us the first choice for jobs done at height. But it can only be achieved – so that we do indeed deliver ‘the Best Customer Experience’ – through our engaged people working every single day to realize the vision.”

“The ceremony provided an opportunity to acknowledge how these employees are realising the Manlift vision by embracing the principles of Safety, Engagement, Teamwork, Integrity and Responsibility. What we call the ‘Manlift Way’ with a commitment to continuous improvement to ensure that the company is doing all it can to be more efficient, faster and safer. This process has made it possible for the company to grow over the years and we expect will bring further growth in sales and in the size of our fleet in 2018 and beyond.”
IPAF safety sicherheit


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