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3,000 Skyjacks for Boels

8. March 2018 | Comments (2)

Dutch international rental company Boels Rental has ordered over 3,000 Skyjack scissor lifts, all of which will be equipped with Skyjack’s new Elevate telematics solution.

The order includes 19ft SJIII 3219s, 20ft SJIII 3220s, 26ft SJIII 3226s and SJIII 4626s, 32ft SJIII 4632s and 40ft SJIII 4740 DC slab electrics, along with 32ft SJ6832 RTEs, SJ6832 RTs, 26ft SJ6826 RTs, 41ft SJ8841 RTs, and SJ9250 RTs Rough Terrain scissor lifts.

The Elevate telematics allows Boels to monitor and manage the machines remotely, spot service requirements in advance, provide remote troubleshooting, battery pack management, and verification of the machine’s location.

The order follows Boels recent purchase of 740 JLG aerial lifts equipped with the manufacturer's ClearSky telematics system - see Boels first with JLG ClearSky.

Skyjack, Elevate
Skyjack product manager of technology and innovation David Swan with the Elevate telematics

Director fleet operations Guy Cremer said: “We were looking for solutions that not only benefit our customers but internally as well. We were looking for a method to better track utilisation, remotely assist our customers and troubleshoot our machines. A key element of Skyjack’s Elevate is the provision of API communication so that we don’t have to reinvent our business processes and can have the system integrate into our existing ERP.”

Skyjack vice president marketing Malcolm Early added: “In developing Elevate we wanted to remove the barriers to adoption that have beset other telematics systems. Leaving behind the inheritance of on-highway based systems and offering a true off-highway model with an appropriate cost structure was key. Previous telematics products have shown a low return on investment for smaller assets like DC scissors, which contributed to the previously low adoption rate. The fact that this order is applicable in large part to DC scissors shows that a whole fleet solution is now available and the name of the game.”


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Dermot Cunnie
10. March 2018 23:31

Skyjack & Linamar showing again why they are the fastest growing global AWP brand in the business. Easy to deal with and a range of products that perform with return on investment. This is their biggest scissor order outside of the Canada/USA markets.

Dog eat Dog
8. March 2018 23:14

Wow, that is an enormous order, it must be about £30 million plus.
I remember Boels bought Supply UK recently, if they put a lot of these scissors there it will make Speedy?s recent purchase of a couple of UK regional players look like peanuts.
Hang onto your hats it could get very exciting if Speedy and Boels start slugging it out.




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