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More Kobelcos for Hawks

16. November 2017 | Comments (0)

UK crane rental company Hawks Hire has ordered two new Kobelco crawler cranes, a 90 tonne CKE900G-2 and a 250 tonne CKE2500G-2.

The CKE900G-2 features a maximum boom length of 61 metres and can handle its maximum capacity at 3.9 metres. With a Tier IV emissions engine it will be able to work in inner London until 2025. The second CKE900G-2 in the Hawks Hire fleet, it will go straight out to work on the Royal Wharf high-rise residential project in East London.

The CKE2500G-2 will be the largest crane in the Hawks Hire fleet and has a maximum boom length of 91.4 metres and can lift its maximum capacity at 4.6 metres. It is also equipped with a Tier IV diesel along with the Kobelco G Mode which is said to substantially reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The crane has also been ordered with a luffing jib, the maximum combination of which is 61 metres of boom with a 61 metre jib. Both cranes will be fitted with Kobelco’s KCross remote operation management telematics system.

Hawks Crane Hire, Kobelco CKE2500G-2
Hawks Hire’s second Kobelco CKE2500G-2

Managing director Elliot Hawkins said: “We’re really pleased with the handling of the CKE2500G-2 in both configurations. The luffing jib will help us cope with the demands of lifting pre-cast concrete panels and beams to higher heights then we’ve been able to do so far, which is important because we have seen a rise in demand in the residential sector for this type of work, particularly in London. In fact, once this machine arrives in the UK it will go straight to a high rise job in East London.”

“We are looking forward to receiving our second CKE900G-2 in December and our second CKE2500G-2 in January. We know what to expect in terms of quality, but what’s really impressed me is the fact these machines are so reliable. Backup, when we need it, is also great, but the fact these machines breakdown so little was the major selling point.”

Kobelco, Hawks Crane Hire
Mark Evans of Kobelco (L) and Elliot Hawkins of Hawks Hire sign the agreement at one of Kobelco's facilities in Japan
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