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Author Message
Written on Mon 18.02.2013 [17:08]
Carl Smith
Since: Mon 18.02.2013
Posts: 2


Since nobody has posted in the 'rise to power' category, thought I would leave a comment to get the discussion going.

What would you consider is rising to power in the access platform industry?


Written on Tue 26.02.2013 [18:27]
Since: Tue 20.12.2011
Posts: 37

A rise to power in winter weather

My reply is with total humor, for old nature has outsmarted us for work for two months steadily. Yesterday I sold a tree removal job of two large hardwood tree too close to a residence. One tree is next to their power line. The utility company however requires lead time of three business days to disconnect the power so we can work safely and without harm to the property. Lately weather has been so unpredictable that the timing will be the challenge, not the tree removal. That's my current rise to power with my lift!

Written on Tue 19.11.2013 [07:48]
Since: Tue 20.12.2011
Posts: 37

Rise, to humorous interpretation...nine months later.

I just returned to my first post to read Carl's inquiry. We finally got the tree removal done in March. The power company removed the service line on a timely basis five hours later we had both subject trees safely on the ground using some clever weight engineering with ropes. I called the power company and their service man responded quickly to return the customer's power hookup. The job went so well that the feeling gave us all a "lift" once two dangerous trees were taken down.

Written on Sun 15.12.2013 [15:18]
Since: Tue 20.12.2011
Posts: 37

Our interpretation of rising to power differs from politics and business.

I was 13 when I got my first paying job. That employment continued in my father's restaurant as a part time worker. Although summer breaks from school afforded full time weeks. My dad was the inspiration to learn every job so I could go to college to learn the industry so that I could some day carry on his legacy. After Colllege graduation I worked full time as his assistant manager and began to question whether I could get ahead and eventually own the business. This history, although personal, was my record of a rise to power and it was entwined by many family arguments. Desperate for a clear vision of the future I sought the advise of my uncle who knew my father better than I. Uncle advised me to leave the family employment, what we in WAH would call reset the lift, and find work in a real company in the hospitality industry. To resign my father's employment was tough on my emotions but it prepared me well for a good career filled with ups and downs. It may have been a good solvent, fuel or additive for what I know use as safety meetings, job briefings, estimates for jobs, execution of assignment and job cleanup.

As young adults seek employment opportunities I observe them at work and wonder what their motives are. Do they work to develop themselves as leaders to rise to levels of power or do they work to stay employed with hopefully a steady income. Perhaps some people work to rise to certification and higher skill levels, higher pay rates, higher authority as they aim for top jobs. I have worked at height since 1992 never expecting before that I would love working on trees. By 1995 as my skill set increased and improved I began studying this industry of tree service or arboriculture. The more study time I spent the more attention I gave to incidents, accidents, injuries and deaths. The study was not borne out of fear but of respect for my peers, for gravity and for a desire to learn the unseen factors which exist in many job assignments.

The statistics of accidents in WAH are alarming especially the frequency of electrocution, causing about 50% of deaths. Our industry cannot ignore the facts, figures and fatalities and so we must collectively look at the risks, dangers and methods of how we will do the work requiring that we lift, hoist, transfer, assemble, construct, remove and sometimes carry weighted objects. That alone is a rise to power that requires us to conduct an EHAP (electrical hazard assessment plan) for every day on every job. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Our colleague Hugh Thomas in the UK is endeavoring to present the work opportunities to young prospects through his project "My Future My Choice" and I give him a hearty hurrah through this forum post. His efforts and those of many others who do job development apprenticeship and instruction will help educate the future work force for our industry. Author Michael Maccoby published his fourth book Why Work in 1988 and I have read it twice and back into it again. Along with that I am reading James B. Miller's The Corporate Coach published in 1993. Reading, no doubt, improves our kill to think which improves our skills for our work whatever it may be. As gravity will always rule I want to improve my skill for safe work always.

Written on Wed 14.12.2016 [08:30]
angel lily
Since: Wed 14.12.2016
Posts: 6

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Written on Thu 19.07.2018 [08:22]
Since: Thu 19.07.2018
Posts: 5

Hi from newbie

Glad to join this forum.


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