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Collett & Sons Ltd

Lampson building LTL-3000

20. February 2010 | Comments (0)

The formal contract for the new crane was signed in at Lampson’s headquarters in Kennewick, Washington in mid-December “It was a great day for both companies and we look forward to building for Hitachi what we consider to be the world’s finest mobile crane” said president, Bill Lampson.

The new LTL-3000 is being designed in conjunction with Hitachi Transport for construction of the new advanced boiling water reactor at Higashidori NN-1 nuclear power plant for Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Lampson claims that the LTL-3000 will be the largest mobile crawler crane in the world with capacities some 20 percent better than its existing LTL-2600, the crane will be designed to meet both US and Japanese standards and codes.

Lampson LTL2600
The Lampson Transilift LTL2600

The crane will be equipped with a new hydraulic winch system using two inch/51mm diameter wire. The new winches and larger wire rope provides a 50 percent increase in line speed. The LTL-3000 121 metre boom will have 6.1 x 4.8 metre (20ftx16ft) cross section, but will maintain the Lampson pin together design concept. The crane will also have a 36 metre jib.

The front crawler transporter unit increases to 15 metre square with three metre wide track pads and Rolli-Flex rollers. The stinger, strut, and counterweight frame will be similar to the LTL-2600, but will incorporate the ability to telescope between 24, 30 and 36 metre positions to significantly reduce the time to perform “Mode” changes.

Lampson has 22 months to complete the design and construction of the new crane.

Lampson LTL2600
The Lampson LTL2600


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