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Signaller training simulator

21. June 2018 | Comments (1)

Canadian developer CM Labs Simulations has released a new Signaller Training Station simulator programme.

The Signaller Training Station allows trainers to simultaneously engage students in a single exercise. While one apprentice operates a virtual crane via the company’s Vortex simulator, another uses the Signaller Training Station to provide guidance.

The trainee signaller can move around a simulated worksite to inspect the lifting area, identify potential hazards, gain a clear view of all site activity, and provide hand signals to direct the crane operator via webcam and picture-in-picture display. Together, trainees either fail as a team or succeed as a team.

CM Labs says that new operators are better prepared for any worksite, as they are learning critical skills before engaging with real cranes.

Designed to work in conjunction with CM Labs’ Vortex Trainer and Advantage simulators, the simulation is also designed for use with all CM Labs crane operator training packs, including flat-top and luffing tower cranes, Rough Terrain crane, and crawler cranes.

Instructors can monitor the entire operation via an Instructor Operating Station that provides scoring and reporting capabilities, as well as the ability to introduce challenges such as equipment malfunctions or weather events, at any time.

CM Labs, Signaller Training Station
The new Signaller Training Station simulation

Vice president of marketing Lisa Barbieri said: “From job planning to after action review, collaborative learning builds effective teams. CM Labs’ new cooperative signaller station allows novice operators to train for effective teamwork and communications in a realistic and wholly risk-free environment.”


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Tristam Mayes
22. June 2018 09:04

What a absolute waste of time and money, nobody gets any experience by standing in a nice air conditioned class room doing this type of work, Instead of wasting people?s time and money standing in front of a computer screen get them out on site shadowing a experienced competent slinger/operator, way to much emphasis is on this class room stuff nowadays.


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