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Arcomet, Geda Matebat Reflex

27. April 2018 | Comments (0)

Belgian international tower crane rental group Arcomet and German hoist manufacturer Geda have formed a strategic partnership to develop tower crane operator elevators.

Intermat Philippe Cohet Adolf Wender
Philippe Cohet of Arcomet and Adolf Wender of Geda announce the partnership to develop tower crane hoist attachments

The two companies have already worked together on a number of attachments to make it easier and faster to attach an external rack & pinion elevator to tower crane mast sections. As part of the agreement Arcomet has ordered 200 Geda operator hoists. With the aim to increase this to 500 over time.

A Geda hoist/elevator with new attachment brackets (painted red) developed with Arcomet

The two companies estimate that a 45 metre hoist/elevator that would typically take a day and a half to install can be installed in less than a day thanks to new folding brackets that they have developed, some of which will initially be exclusive to Arcomet and sister company Matebat. Arcomet also said that it hoped that in time the two companies might also co-operate on an internal tower crane hoist.

Some particular folding brackets will initially be exclusive to Arcomet

Chief executive Philippe Cohet also announced that the planned merger between Arcomet and Matebat has been delayed for regulatory reasons by a couple of months or so.

In the meantime, Matebat has acquired tower crane and hoist service and maintenance company Reflex group, from founder Christophe Sellier. The company represents Geda in France and is a parts service and support agent for Liebherr. The company, which was founded in 2007 which will be merged with Matebat.

(L-R) Philippe Cohet of Arcomet/Matebat, Christophe Sellier of Reflex and Adolf Wender of Geda

Finally, Cohet, who is also chief executive of Matebat, announced the formation of a strategic alliance with electronics company Ascorel to establish a ‘Laboratory of ideas’ with a small team of students to originate new products and services on a sort of ‘skunk works’ basis.


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