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Outdoor push around?

13. March 2018 | Comments (0)

A reader in the UK spotted what looks like a push around scissor lift in use on an external shop fitting job yesterday, and asks is this safe use?

In his own words: “While at a Cross Rail site in Oxford street, London today this scissor was being used next to the site, I am sure this is designed for indoor use only and should that man be standing on the bottom of it? There are barriers there but they are still letting the public walk very close beside it!”

Cross Rail
The wrong machine for the job, poor practice or ......?

If looks like a Youngman/Boss X3X push around unit, in which case yes it is indoor only, and yes its is also true that it that a second man did not ought to be working from the chassis where he is vulnerable should the man above forget and start to descend.

But that is just our thoughts, we are sure that our reader would like to hear from others. Is it a Death Wish? Well... this is certainly not good working practice, and almost certainly not the best machine for the job, and there are clear risks, but the word Death Wish seems a little harsh in this case??? The machine is being used against a facade and probably not subject to overturning winds, but...

Your thoughts?


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