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Mammoet hits record height

13. March 2018 | Comments (0)

Mammoet has set a new record lifting height for its PTC 200 DS heavy lift crane on an actual job site, lifting a variety of heavy loads to 217 metres.

The company has recently completed the heavy lifting activities at Lotte Chemical’s Mono-Ethylene Glycol project in Louisiana, USA. Expected to open next year, the MEG plant will be the largest facility of its kind. Mammoet was awarded the heavy lift portion of the project, which included 62 scheduled lifts.

The company used its largest crane, the PTC 200 DS, to handle the lifts which ranged from 30 to 1,450 tonnes the wash tower. Having lifted the top of the wash tower to a height of 100 metres, during the tilt up, the PTC 200 DS was rigged with an additional 67 metres of boom/jib, bringing the total lift height to 217 metres. The additional height allowed the crane to carry out all of the remaining lifts from the one location, including modules located outside of the original lifting radius. The crane managed to complete its part of the project two weeks ahead of schedule.

Mammoet executing the wash tower lift

Mammoet PTC 200 DS
The PTC 200 DS at record height

Mammoet USA vice president of sales and marketing Patrick van der Meide said: “With this project, we were able to demonstrate that the PTC’s value extends beyond lifting oversized and heavy objects. It was the ability of this crane to reach smaller modules and execute various lifts outside of the original lifting range which ultimately delivered greater efficiency, enabling the scope to be completed safely and successfully ahead of schedule.”


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