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Ruthmann launches secondary guarding

10. March 2018 | Comments (0)

German truck mounted platform manufacturer Ruthmann has developed a secondary guarding system helping protect the operator from entrapment against overhead obstacles.

The system uses a pressure sensitive rubber bar in front of the control panel which when depressed stops all movements of the platform allowing the operator to only retrace previous movements. If the bar remains pressed for due to the operator not being able to free himself, an alarm sounds to alert other people in the vicinity.

The system uses a pressure sensitive rubber bar in front of the control panel

The manufacturer says operators can use the bar as an armrest when operating the machine. The system is only activated when a greater force is involved such as when the operator is pressed between an overhead obstacle and the bar.

Once depressed its stops all platform movements only allowing the operator to retrace previous movements

A similar system was developed by Ruthmann Italia for the Bluelift spider lift range. The system is available as an option on all Ruthmann T, TB and TBR series machines can be equipped with the new system and it can be retrofitted to older machines. Ruthmann says the system is available at a special ‘customer price’.

“The system is priced so that as many customers as possible have the opportunity to have the system retrofitted,” said Ruthmann managing director Rolf Kulawik.

Ruthmann secondary guarding system
The new secondary guarding system protects the operator against the risk of entrapment


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