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Three new products from Klaas

8. February 2018 | Comments (0)

German aluminium crane and aerial lift manufacturer Klaas will launch three new products at the upcoming Dach + Holz (roof and timber) exhibition later this month.

The company has not released a great deal of detail yet, but says that one of the three ‘innovations’ will be a new hybrid power concept which offers an electric motor power for the hydraulics in addition to the regular PTO driven hydraulic system. Whether this will be a battery pack or AC power source has not yet been confirmed, although the company says that speeds on both systems will be comparable.

Klaas K1003 RSX
The new Klaas K1003 RSX crane/platform

The company will also unveil an upgrade or development of its flagship K1000 RSX truck mounted crane, dubbed the K1003 RSX. The new model mounted on a three axle chassis, will have a 54 metre maximum tip height – three metres more than the current model, thanks to a new three section telescopic jib, with both telescoping sections extending under power from the remote controller. Until now only the top section was manually extended.

Klaas K1003 RSX jib
The K1003RSX's new full power jib/top boom with platform attachment

The synchronised jib telescope, provides a better load distribution and helps set up in tight areas where space is limited. The full power jib also improves and simplifies the aerial work platform envelope.

Finally the company will also launch a new trailer crane, the K400 RSX which will also feature the new full power telescopic jib, which according to the company will make it the most powerful trailer crane on the market.

Klaas K400 RSX trailer crane with platform attachment
Klaas K400 RSX trailer crane with platform attachment

The Vertikal team will be attending the show and will report back on these new models and anything else on display.
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