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First Jost 68.4s

5. January 2018 | Comments (0)

UK Tower Crane company Bennetts has taken delivery of the first Jost JTL 68.4s four tonne topless hydraulic luffing jib crane, which features an out of service radius of just four metres.

The JTL 68.4s features a short, four metre counter jib, rather than the 6.9 metre counter jib on the standard 68.4. The crane and its jib have had significant structural reinforcement in order to achieve the small out of service radius and cope with the stresses imposed by the smaller sail area for weather vaning/free slew while out of service in strong winds. Maximum radius is 35 metres at which it can handle two tonnes.

Jost 69.4s
The new Jost 69.4s is erected by another Jost crane at a site in central Exeter

This new crane has been designed as a solution for small job sites and urban areas where contractors face issues of over sailing nearby properties and offer an alternative to cranes such as the Artic Raptor articulating tower cranes. The new crane has been erected on a city centre site in Exeter, where it is helping build a student accommodation block for Exeter University.

The site is not only tight, but abuts both a busy road and commercial and residential properties, leaving little room to manoeuvre. It was erected with an existing Jost luffing jib tower crane that had been erected a few weeks previously.

Bennetts managing director Edward Seager said: “The new Jost JTL 68.4s is an excellent solution for this site and many similar sites in cities around the UK. With such a short counter jib and out of service radius there is no issue with it over-sailing properties, however it can still lift four tonnes. We see this crane being very popular in London, where sites can be small and very challenging, and it is an excellent addition to our luffer fleet.”
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