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Another Grove for Alanoca

20. October 2017 | Comments (0)

Bolivian transport and installation company Alanoca has taken delivery of a 300 tonne Grove GMK6300L All Terrain crane.

The new six axle crane features an 80 metre, seven section main boom with Twin-Lock pinning. Topped by a 12 to 21 metre hydraulically luffing bi-fold swingaway extension, with two eight metre inserts which take the maximum tip height to 120 metres. The new crane is the seventh Grove crane in Alanoca’s fleet, and the second added by the company this year .

Alanoca's Roberto Alanoca said: “The GMK6300L is well suited to a wide array of projects, and operators will benefit from its versatility. There is a lot of ongoing investment in construction right now, with government projects in particular seeing a boost in funding. We will employ the GMK6300L on several of these projects, including wind turbine assembly in the departments of Santa Cruz and Tarija, and combined cycle power plants construction in Santa Cruz, Tarija and Cochabamba.”

“We purchased these cranes because of their versatility, their features and because they increase the work speed on jobsites as demanded by contractors in Bolivia.”

Roberto Alanoca. Tereza Contreras de Alanoca, Grove GMK630
Alanoca owner Roberto Alanoca (R) and his wife Tereza Contreras de Alanoca with the new Grove GMK6300L

Grove regional business manager for Bolivia Gerardo Castillo added: “We expect this trend of old fleets being replaced with more modern machines to continue for the next five years at least, especially with regard to All Terrain cranes, which have higher capacity than Rough Terrain cranes. Now more than ever, contractors in Bolivia are seeking out high performance cranes to meet their construction projects’ demands.”

Established in 1960, Alanoca is based in El Alto in west Bolivia and purchased its first Grove crane in 1980. The company’s fleet performs lifting operations on projects for various industries, such as mining, hydrocarbon, cement and construction.


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