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Tadano launches new range of truck cranes

18. October 2017 | Comments (0)

Tadano has unveiled a range of three new truck cranes, the 75 tonne GT-750EL, 60 tonne GT-600EL and 30 tonne GT-300EL.

All use lightweight, high-tensile steel rounded profile main booms with lengths of 47, 43 and 34 metres respectively. Extra reach is provided by a two stage nine to 14.3 metre swingaway extenstion, or an 8.5 to 14 metre jib extending the maximum tip heights to 64, 60 and 50 metres respectively.
The two larger cranes will be available this month, with the GT-300EL due to be introduced next spring.

The new Tadano GT-300EL

The new cranes will be available in both left and right hand drive with right hand drive models available from spring 2018. All three models feature new carriers with a maximum road speed of 85kph together with Tadano’s Eco-Mode fuel monitoring system which is sadi to reduce fuel consumption.

Other features include a new cab, automatic transmission with leaf suspension at the front and Hendrickson rubber mounted rear suspension, while the two larger models feature the new Smart Chart system for greater capacities over the rear.

The GT-600EL

Tadano’s Hello-Net telematics system has also been installed for the first time on its truck cranes giving information on crane activity, work history machine position and maintenance. Power is provided by Daimler Euro 3 diesels.

The 75 tonne capacity GT-750EL

The company said that the cranes were developed in response to: “strong demand in the emerging markets for high-quality truck cranes with good lifting performance, the capacity to drive both on rough roads and at high-speed on highways, that were reliable and durable with easy routine maintenance. Customers also like cranes made in Japan, as they provide good value throughout the life cycle and have good residual values”.


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