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New president and chairman for CPA

13. October 2017 | Comments (5)

The UK’s Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) has appointed Brian Jones as president for a term of five years.

Previously chairman of the association, he took over from Steven Mulholland of Mulholland Plant Services. The new chairman is Steve Cormack of Nationwide Platforms.

Brian Jones, CPA
Brian Jones

Jones said: “The CPA is the UK’s leading trade association in this sector, and my first task as president will be to help prepare the association for the next phase in its development. Our chief executive Colin Wood has made a decision to step down from the position at the end of the first quarter of 2018, and we will begin the process of recruiting a new chief executive immediately. We intend to build on the excellent work that has been done by Colin and his team, and to continue to support our members and the plant hire sector to face the challenges that lie ahead.”


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24. October 2017 20:25

Good luck with your new venture Brian

vertikal editor
13. October 2017 14:33

We draw your attention to our rules below, and note that comments will be edited to remove legally questionable claims and anything maliciously personal other than that you are free to say whatever you like.

Emperors new clothes
13. October 2017 11:54

I notice my original comment has been edited. This is starting to smell, perhaps we ought to clean the lot out.

Jim Longstaff
13. October 2017 11:16

God Bless Emperors new clothes.
You have succinctly articulated the feelings of a great swathe of UK independent IPAF Members.
But don't get your hopes up, as this piece clearly states "The new chairman (of CPA) is Steve Cormack of Nationwide Platforms!
I wrote to Tim Whiteman voicing certain views regarding IPAF. Mr Whiteman assured me of a response. That was on the 4th August 2016. AS YET - SOME FOURTEEN AND A HALF MONTHS LATER - I AM STILL WAITING FOR THE COMMON DECENCY OF A RESPONSE!

Emperors new clothes
13. October 2017 10:44

Dear Mr Jones
I know I am not alone in my disappointment at IPAF, please could the CPA take the Access Industry under its wing and offer some competition?
Currently IPAF is an old boys networking body which is run very autocratically. In the UK they have an unauthorised monopoly on access training, which we all rely on, we can?t rock the boat otherwise we are ostracised and then have no alternative.
It is only a matter of time before someone wakes up and realises it. A typical evolutionary example of a monopoly that results in a Luddite snout in the trough attitude.
It is very lucrative and perfect time for a competitor to join and even out the playing field.
Please use your new position as a way of making a change and adding significant value and membership to the CPA.
Hopefully we will all benefit.


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