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New electric Kalmar forklifts

6. October 2017 | Comments (0)

Kalmar has launched a new range of fully electric forklift trucks with capacities ranging from nine to 18 tonnes with lifts heights to seven metres.

The range of 13 models or variations runs from the nine tonne ECG90-6 to the EC180-6 with overall widths from just below or just over 2.5 metres and overall weight of between 17 and 22.4 tonnes, depending on the model.

The company claims to be the first manufacturer to offer electric forklifts in this capacity range, and that they offer considerably lower operating costs compared to diesel machines of a similar size and performance. The forklifts can operate for up to eight hours on their full traction lead acid batteries, thanks to a highly efficient AC drive train. The new cab features a driving seat that can be turned 180 degrees to ensure safer reversing when handling bulky loads.

Kalmar forklift
Kalmar forklift truck

Director forklift trucks Peter Ivarsson said: "At Kalmar, we aim for zero emissions in our offering development across the board. We're proud to be the first leading manufacturer to offer a full range of electric forklift trucks with this level of lifting capacity. Our electric machines offer savings in terms of faster and simpler maintenance, making them a winning concept in the long run. By using an electric forklift instead of a comparable diesel powered machine, customers can achieve significant reductions in their operating costs. Customers who require trucks with higher lifting capacities can now start reducing their emissions and energy costs at the same time without compromising their operational performance."


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